This May Be Causing Your Breakouts!

Do you have breakouts on your forehead, cheeks or temples? Did you know that your skin is able to tell us what problems are going on inside your body!?

Candida may be overgrowing in your gut!

What is candida!? A common fungus that grows in the body’s intestines!

This may be an indication of candida overgrowth if you have small bumps/cysts on your forehead, cheeks and temples.

Large amounts of candican start to become problematic if you are diabetic, drinking excessive alcohol, taking antibiotics, low immune systems, high stress, and eating high levels of sugar & refined carbs.

Cutting those out of your diet will help with your acne significantly.

Also incorporating pomegranate, garlic, coconut oil, aloe vera, and probiotics can help with the candida overgrowth as well.

Wishing you beautiful skin,


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