Makeup Favorites

So I have a few makeup staples in my kit that I use just about every time I put on makeup. I probably have more makeup than any girl needs in their lifetime, but I have holy grail products I always use and always repurchase.

Used Products Below for this Makeup Look ✨⬇️


I’ve really been going without primer lately. I never thought I would ever go without primer but honestly my moisturizer and oils have been so good to me! When I do wear primer, it’s the same one I’ve been using for years. 


These are the drugstore and high end foundation that I’ve been going to the past couple of years. They are almost dupes for each other and they never fail me. I mix a little bit of the oil I mentioned above into the foundation and apply using my fingers.


So for the most part I switch out these concealers daily. Whichever one is closer is usually the one I’ll put on to brighten my under eyes.

Setting Powder

There’s only 1 setting powder that has my heart. It’s full proof. It makes your skin look photoshopped in the best way. Plus it lasts FOREVER.


These 2 bronzers make me so happy. Who doesn’t want to look like a bronzed goddess? Smooth, creamy, and they both smell delicious!


Honestly Mac blushes might just be the best because of their pigment and how long they last, but I also have a drugstore fave that I use on the regular.

Setting Spray

I’ve tried just about every setting spray. You’d probably be surprised that these sprays work just as good to me as any other “big” brand. 

So those are my favorite makeup products for the skin, let me know what your go-to makeup products for your skin are!

Wishing you beautiful skin,


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