Entrepreneur Essentials

The best and easiest way to market yourself, your brand, and your craft.

So whether you are starting out a blog, a new business, or freelancing you need an easy & quick way to market yourself.

Untitled design

Having a business card that represents you and your business is essential. Whenever you meet someone, you want to leave them with a little story about your business, and essentially what you sell.

I love a nice, thick, sturdy business card. Something with depth, something that is memorable. Whatever my vision is, I can create it.

Zazzle is my go-to for business cards because it allows me to bring my vision to life. How important is that?!

And not only that, check out all the OTHER visions they can bring to life! (and so so much more!)

image1 (2)

So just a fair warning, they always have new stuff coming out!

This is how I was able to let everyone know when I first became an esthetician to book with me. Even now, I give every single one of my new clients a business card during their first 2 visits.

Market yourself. Market your brand. Market your craft.

Best wishes always,





Disclosure: This may contain affiliate links. This means I may earn a small percentage of commission if you choose to click the links and purchase from the affiliate. 



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