Glowing Skin @ Home Facial

Your skin therapist’s complete guide to an incredible facial you can do at home!

On a budget? In need of a facial?! I got you!


The facial I am going to be recommending is the basics, and good for most skin types. It takes approximately an hour, and would be good for the skin once a month.

  1. Double Cleanse!
    • Cleanse your face, then cleanse it again. Let a warm-hot towel sit on your face with the cleanser for 5-10 minutes.
    • I use a surgical 10 blade. I always dermaplane wet. Use a vitamin c serum, or some kind of oil (I like rosehip oil to!). Hold the skin taught, and at a 45 degree angle begin to scrape off the first layer of dead skin. You will also notice your peach fuzz will be gone. If you’ve never done this before I will later post a separate blog on how to properly derma plane. I’d definitely recommend looking up on youtube or Pinterest for the mean time.  I practiced on my arm hairs first before I moved on to my face. You are going to WANT this done to your face, and here are all the reasons why! Also, if you have sensitive skin or extremely dry skin I would not recommend.
  3.  Exfoliate
    • Use an enzyme exfoliator on top of your skin. I mention a few of my fave’s in this blog post. If possible, use lactic acid on top of your enzyme exfoliator. Now,  If you really want some magic to happen use a high frequency wand on top of the enzyme. I mention my love for this wand in my Beautiful Skin Essentials. Apply a warm-hot towel on top afterwards and let sit for about 10 minutes
  4. Extractions
    • I was kind of weary about adding this step on as many people don’t know how to properly extract comedones, blackheads, ect. I have a separate blog post on how to properly extract blemishes. If you decide to extract, apply salicylic acid or tea tree oil on your face immediately after and then skin step 5 and go straight to step 6.
  5. Mask
    • Make your own mask, or use one of your favorites. I have an awesome rose mask that is to die for! Use the high frequency wand to obtain optimum skin penetration. Follow with a cold towel. The cold towel is to close the pores. I love using hot and cold therapy during my facials.
  6. SPF/Serum/Moisturizer
    • If it’s during the day apply your serum then SPF. If it is at night, apply your serum and your moisturizer.

If you are not used to exfoliating this deep, you may notice your skin a little pink, or a tingle especially during step 3. If you are sensitive or don’t exfoliate regulary I would skip the lactic acid in step 3.

Slight peeling is normal. If you peel, DO NOT PICK. It could leave scarring or hyper pigmentation.

Wear your SPF every day following this facial.

I can’t wait till you see your skin glow! Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Wishing you beautiful skin always,

Ash ❤


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