Law of attraction: It works! You just need a little bit of FAITH

Healthy Wealthy Wise

Not long ago, I was hit by this crowd of people who have read ‘The secret’ by Rhonda Byrne and have completely gone crazy! They have started adding zeroes on to their 100 rupee note and what not. No one taught them what was the syntax for the whole personal achievement syllabus. I mean yes, you should or have to follow similar steps to attract positive results in your lives, but you have to show some FAITH in the law!

Now I met an intern who came to my workplace, and believe me this was an introduction for me to the world of law of attraction. He was just trying to get somewhere with technical analysis and earn from the stock market.

He asked me to take my 100 rupee note and started adding zeroes to it. Now, I asked him ” bro, have you done the same with…

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