The TRUTH About Shaving Your Face [Dermaplanning Tips]

Ok so if you want a good exfoliation, your skin to feel like butter, and want your makeup to apply flawlessly you gotta shave your face. Plenty of estheticians do this as part of their facials. I don’t shave my face using a little shaver that ONLY takes off the peach fuzz on the face, I only use a surgical blade. Estheticians use a #10 blade and gently take off that first layer of dead skin. It makes products penetrate the skin better, takes care of all your peach fuzz, and leaves your skin glowing. THE.png

Now I know many estheticians that believe that doing this method of exfoliation will not cause the hair on your face to grow back thicker or darker. I disagree. From personal experience, I have noticed my own, as well as my clients facial hair sometimes the hair does come back thicker.

Now with that being said, because it has so many benefits, and my skin loves it, I don’t mind the upkeep. I have to dermaplane my face at least once a month. I use a butter blade and incorporate it into my at home full facial routine [OMG I should totally give you the details of my glowing skin DIY facial routine] I love to let masks sit on top of my skin right after I’ve dermaplaned my face. Literally the best!

The downfall is that once you start you will probably have to continue periodically to maintain the growth of long facial hairs. You can also wax using sensitive wax or get laser hair removal if your hair becomes thick.

Let me know if you love this method of exfoliation. Also, if you want a tutorial on how I dermaplane I’d love to film a little video showing you how I like to do it.

Wishing you beautiful skin always,

Ash ❤



  1. I’ve never heard of dermaplaning, but I like the idea of having no fuzz left on my face! However, I do use a roller that has a lot of tiny hypodermic needles and it’s working amazing for giving me that skin as-soft-as-butter feel.

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