Skincare FACT | Blackheads


Skincare FACT is a mini-series that I am starting that gives you the honest truth about the skincare facts that will shock you + the solution to the problem.

Skincare Tip #2

Did you know that blackheads are not caused by the skin being dirty?

As a matter of fact, you could never be able to cleanse them away. Now there are cleansers/exfoliators that are meant to clear out blackheads but the truth is, they’ll come right back! Those cleansers may work, but the blackhead will return quickly because they are not able to reach deep enough into the pore to fix the problem.


So how do you get rid of blackheads?

  • use 1 swipe of salicylic acid 1-3 times a week
  • use an enzyme exfoliator at least once a week
  • using rosehip oil (I have a blog that tells you every reason you NEED rosehip oil in your life) every other night because it will keep clogs from happening in the follicle and promote skin cell turnover
  • use a gentle cleanser and mix it with half a teaspoon of baking soda and apply to the skin, after apply lactic acid on top. (this works awesome, but I would not recommend if you have sensitive skin)

I do not recommend extracting blackheads unless you know what you’re doing. If you extract your blackheads, over time it will cause the pore to enlarge. Once the pore is enlarged it will produce more sebum contributing to a bigger blackhead.

I hope this helps ❤

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Wishing you beautiful skin always,





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