Wow! 2 Million Pinterest Monthly Views! [How I Use Pinterest to Increase My Blog Traffic]

2.1 Million monthly viewers on Pinterest?! NO WAY. I started at 14 monthly viewers. Less than 6 months later I’ve used Pinterest as my main source of blog traffic.


I’m still in shock. Never did I think I could get my Pinterest traffic to increase as much as it has. I remember when I first started attempting to use Pinterest I literally had no idea what I was doing. Haha. I promise if I could do it, so can you!

On average Pinterest will bring in more than half of my blog traffic. More traffic means more chances of making money. Whether it’s through your ads, banners, affiliates, or products you will see an increase in the money you make because of the increase in traffic.

0071C6A5-4700-4C45-97FD-38901593F7A7I wrote a blog post on tips on how to increase your viewers on Pinterest. I’ve continued to use those same tips and my Pinterest viewers have doubled!

Now, I just want it known that I do my own pinning. I don’t pay any automated app to do any of my pinnings.

I’m so grateful for every single person that has scrolled passed any of my pins, followed any of my boards, or has found me through Pinterest. I have this silly dream that I’ll teach and inspire people through what I love. So I get really excited when I see my Pinterest and blog traffic growing.

If you like me or beauty tips or skincare tips or self love strategies follow me on Pinterest.
If you have any questions let me know ❤

Wishing you happiness + an increase in blog traffic,






6 thoughts on “Wow! 2 Million Pinterest Monthly Views! [How I Use Pinterest to Increase My Blog Traffic]

  1. Hi Ashely! I found your post here because a friend told me she came across your site on WordPress and saw this article and thought I’d like it…which I do! I am going to be following your tips and let you know. Just last week I had 61 monthly viewers but I started being consistent and actually uploading my blog pics and adding tags, comments and descriptions and checked this week and I am up to 858 monthly viewers! I am hoping with your tips that it’ll go up even more. Do you suggest adding hashtags to the description box as well? Let me know!! Thank you (:


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