How to Maintain Icy Blonde Hair!

Hello Lovely’s ~

I would like to share some of my tips and tricks for maintaining blonde / icy blonde hair, this has helped tremendously throughout my blonde stages.

I will list products that are high end and drugstore related below!

To start off

It took me FOREVER to get this blonde. FOREVER. If you want a professional/beautiful look, whether you have red, black, brown etc. it may take up to 3 sessions to be this light! (I KNOW) It was definitely worth the wait because I can truly say I love the way my hair feels AND looks. I would like to say that blonde hair takes a little more effort, just because sometimes due to the bleach that is put in during your treatment, your hair may feel dry or frizzy. AND THAT’S OK! I am here to save you and give you some of the best products for this! including if you may tend to get brassy over time (that’s ok too! sometimes the water that you bathe in can cause this, as well as simply washing regularly with shampoo and conditioner!)

P.S: Ask your salon if they use OLAPLEX in their products… it saved my hair’s life.

P.S.S: Some other ways to strengthen & grow your hair is to take folic acid every day! I have seen such a difference while using it.



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