Skincare FACT

The skincare fact that you will not believe!

Have you ever thought about how much of your skincare routine actually penetrates through the skin?


The dermis is where the majority of aging and skin conditions occur. Because of this, deep absorption is critical for true skin transformation.


95% of skin care does not penetrate into the deep layers of the epidermis or dermis.

Choose your skincare wisely! You can also help product penetration with high-frequency wands, microcurrent, and radio frequency tools.

Should I do a regular series of some cool shocking skincare facts? Let me know in the comments.

Wishing you beautiful skin always,



Source: Osmosis Skincare



4 thoughts on “Skincare FACT

  1. Hi Ash

    You recently liked my post on working through pain ( – thanks so much for visiting!

    I have a draft of my skincare regime that I’d kind of abandoned but you’ve inspired me to go back to it.

    Quick question – how do you know how deeply your skincare is penetrating? If you can’t afford salon treatments, what’s your favourite way to get the products in through all the layers?


    Bubbles xx


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