The SECRET to Soft, Silky Skin!

Want the softest skin ever!? Let me tell you ALL about my tips + secrets!

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So I really take pride in having a soft body. My hands, feet, arms, back and especially my legs are super soft.

  • Wash every day with a moisturizing & nourishing body wash.
  • Drink at least 6 bottles of water, if you are dehydrated the first place it will show is in your skin.
  • Every day when you get out of the shower spray a hydrating mist on your body, or wait till your dry and apply lotion
  • EVERY TIME YOU SHAVE, exfoliate! Use a body scrub with a good oil all over your body. I usually do this a few times a week. This is definitely the biggest secret to my soft skin.
  • When you shave first go in the same direction as the hair growth, then go the opposite direction.
  • After shaving apply argan oil
  • When you start to grow your hair back and get stubble but aren’t ready to shave, use a conditioner on your legs, or wherever your hair is growing back, after you apply your body wash. This will soften up the hair, making it softer and easier the next time you shave.


Wishing you beautiful + soft skin always,



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