The Path to Self Love + Self Discovery

Are you a perfectionist? Do you spend the majority of your day anxious or depressed? Are you constantly tired? Do you find yourself having flashbacks of things that have bothered you in the past? Are you still bothered by certain problems that have already happened?

Everybody goes through things that are hard and can seem overwhelming. Through all our suffering, there is beauty in the collateral damage.

If you are feeling…

  • lonely
  • weak
  • fatigued
  • anxious
  • depressed
  • overwhelmed
  • hurt
  • hopeless
  • betrayed
  • unloved or any other negative feeling…

I want you to know that you have the opportunity to turn all of that around.

During the lowest times of my life, the times I struggled the most, and the times where I felt surrounded by darkness – there was always a small little piece of me fighting and wanting to get better, to get out of this unhappiness.

302383EF-5D70-4EE0-8AA1-3560CEE46534Life is too short to live unhappily. I want to share with you some advice I wish I would have given myself during my hardest times. I have gone through trial and error but these are the tips that have lead me to the path of self-love and self-discovery.

  1. Think positively. Make it a habit to say positive affirmations morning and night. Be grateful for everything always. If you’re not happy with what you have, how could you possibly be happy with more? I believe in the Law of Attraction. I believe in mind power. If you think you can or cannot, then you are right. (read The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes, changed my life!)
  2. Choose happiness. If you wake up in a negative mood and choose to stay that way your day is immediately 10 times harder than everybody else.
  3. Surround yourself with people that are kind, inspire you, and motivate you. It’s amazing how strong you can be when you have a team that believes in you, no matter how small that team is.
  4. MEDITATE. This is so crucial. I use the “Oak Meditating” app and start my day and end my night with a 15-minute meditation. I also pray daily. If you don’t pray or believe in God, talk to the universe.
  5. Don’t take things personally. If someone hurts you, mistreats you, or insults you, accept it. Just because you accept it does NOT mean you have to respect it. If you accept it, you make the conscious decision to let it go through you and out. Don’t hold on to things, it is not good for your happiness. Do NOT let what anybody says about you to allow you to define who you are or allow you to feel any about yourself.
  6. Stand up for what is right, believe in yourself and who you are. As long as you do this genuinely and with a pure heart, you will never have to apologize for being you.
  7. Write down your goals and dreams. Give yourself deadlines. Do not allow anything get in the way of finding yourself and loving who you are.

If you need a friend or just to vent, please don’t hesitate, I am a message away.

I would love to hear your stories of triumphs and things that worked for you during your tough times.

Wishing You Physical & Moral Beauty,



16 thoughts on “The Path to Self Love + Self Discovery

    1. You’re so good to me! 😊 Thank you!
      Wishing you beautiful skin, beautiful lashes, & a beautiful heart (which I’m sure you already have),
      Ash 💕


  1. Awesome post, Ash. While it is true outer beauty is first impression, inner beauty is eternal.

    I would love to read more self-love, emotional-healing posts from you!

    Be blessed, and with Great Love,
    Christopher “Inner Reflection” Jackson

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    1. I really appreciate this feed-back. You have definitely made my day. I have followed your amazing website in hopes for more self-love & self-reflection inspiration.
      Wishing you much love and blessings,


      1. You are absolutely welcome. 😉 Glad to know I have a positive influence on someone. (One of my major goals in writing, especially my Love Letters to Self posts.)

        Stay beautiful.
        Stay awesome.
        Stay beautifully awesome.

        And be blessed, Ash .

        With great love,

        Christopher “Inner Reflection” Jackson

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  2. Wonderful post. Even i have posted something similar. You have covered lot many points that i couldnt. Hope this post will be helpful for many😊

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  3. Love what you said about writing down your goals and dreams. “Do not allow anything get in the way of finding yourself and loving who you are.” That line really resonated with me. I’ve been keeping a small journal and writing down my aspirations before the day ends. It’s a really nice reminder of my dreams. ❤ Thanks for writing such a positive and inspiring post, Ashley. I really enjoyed reading! 🙂

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    1. I really appreciate you, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. 💗 You are beautiful. You are more than worthy of having pure happiness. You are amazing. Keep those aspirations, don’t lose sight of your dreams! There will be so many people/things/events that will try to stop you. I’m here to tell you that you can overcome ALL of them. Keep going.
      Wishing you an abundance of happiness & love,

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      1. Oh my goodness, your words absolutely made my day, Ash!! You are such a sweetheart!! 💗I wish you nothing but happiness as well, hon. Really looking forward to reading more of your posts! 😊

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  4. #1,#3 and #6 were helpful in getting out of a toxic controlling relationship! I did a lot of daily affirmations for the first month or two , that was super helpful! Great blog!


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