Eyelash Extensions! Lash Portfolio + Lash Stylist Tips


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eyelash extensions



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More eyelash photos + videos to come

Eyelash Stylist Tips for the Beginner Eyelash Stylist

  • Practice on a mannequin. Practice on clients. Practice, practice, practice! You will be faster in the eyelash extension application for it.
  • Get a good glue that works for your humidity and temperature!!!! You should be like a helicopter with the lashes. Just drop and go.
  • Use eyelash extensions with a concave. I notice more retention with it by a landslide of clients. Plus they are typically more lightweight.
  • Don’t damage your client’s lashes. If their lashes aren’t strong enough for extensions be upfront. Offer a lash perm instead.
  • Time yourself. Try to do a full set in an hour and a half covering 90% of lashes. Every second counts. Always take out enough supplies for the clients you will have for the day. Have extra sanitized utensils waiting. Set yourself up for success.
  • When putting glue on the eyelash dip it into the middle of the glue dot you have set for yourself. That is the freshest part of the glue.
  • Tape the upper eyelids up a little bit. It helps me see the eyelashes better and isolate them faster.


Any other tips from eyelash extension gurus? I’m always excited to learn new tricks and tips!

Wishing you beautiful lashes,




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