How to Make Your Skin GLOW!

8F6DF0DC-BB34-4EDD-9C9D-714A6695B918For the summer months coming up minimal eye looks and glowing skin are definitely the trend!

So how do you get fresh and dewy skin during the hottest months ever to actually last all day?

  1. Prepping your skin is essential. Use a good light-weight moisturizer. Put on a generous amount.
  2. Use a primer for that photo-shop effect and longevity of your makeup.
  3. Apply a matte or semi-matte base. If you have extremely dry skin, use a foundation that you know will make your skin look fresh and last!
  4. Once you’ve applied highlight and contour, get a translucent powder and pack it on the areas you get oily and the areas you want to highlight. This term is called “baking”. Using this method will ensure a flawless base and keep oils at bay. If you are dry, you can use a moisturizing powder or nothing at all. Dust the excess powder off.
  5. Using a big fluffy tapered blending brush get some of your favorite highlighter (mine currently is ABH X Amrezy) and dampen it with a setting spray.
  6. Now apply above brow bone, tops of cheeks, bridge of the nose and cupid’s bow.
  7. Next, apply a dry layer of highlight over the areas you placed the dampened highlight.
  8. Drown your face in setting spray.

I have oily skin, and this method keeps me beautifully glowing all day. Baking my skin with a good translucent powder keeps my oils under control. The areas that have had powder highlighter on them have been baked underneath to keep any texture looking smooth.

Let’s glow together. Let me know your favorite highlighters!

Wishing you beautiful skin,



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