Get the Look! Fresh, Dewy, Natural Looking Skin



Ok, so Briana (my sister) is always getting compliments on her skin, and her selfies. Whats the secret?

  1. No matter how oily you are, moisturize your face before makeup application.
  2. Invest in a primer. They really work. Our favorite is Yves Saint Laurent. Pricey – but the investment is worth it.
  3. Apply foundation using a damp makeup sponge. We use our makeup sponge through every step of our makeup process. We use a full coverage foundation and blend it out. We also use the makeup sponge after we have finished with all of our highlight, contour, and blush. Using your already damp beauty blender to go over these points really helps melt the makeup beautifully into your skin.
  4. Setting your makeup with a good powder is a must. We’ve been obsessing over the Chanel Translucent Powder lately.
  5. Spray. Use your favorite setting spray to help your make up last as well as give you that dewy look. We simply use Rose Water but feel free to use whatever you like. You can spritz a couple of sprays, or (if you’re like us), drown yourself in the mist.

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