The Truth About Eyelash Extensions

As an eyelash extension stylist, I have learned all the dirty little secrets nobody wants to tell you about eyelash extensions. First, the extensions we are talking about are applied to each individual lash. This is not to be confused with eyelash tabbing. When I first learned about eyelash extensions I wanted them on me right away. When I learned how to do eyelash extensions I would excitingly anticipate my client’s reaction to their lashes.


It is important to find an honest eyelash technician. The technician should look at your lashes and see the type of lash weight, lash volume, and lash curl that would be appropriate for your eyes. Heavy extensions, excess glue, and improper placement can damage your natural lash. When having lash extensions you should not feel a thing during the application process and after they are put on. The average lash tech takes about 2 hours to perform a full set of lashes. Since your natural lashes’ regrowth cycle is 2-3 weeks, that is when you should go back to your tech for a fill. If you feel that you need a fill sooner than that your technician might be applying the lashes further away from the base as an attempt to get you to come in for a fill sooner. There should be no clumping, no irritations, and definitely no bald spots. These are signs that your lashes are not being placed correctly, or the extensions are too heavy for your natural lashes.


Now, with that being said when eyelash extensions are done correctly they are absolutely stunning. They can be costly, and a pain to maintain. If you plan on getting or have eyelash extensions I would suggest combing them out morning and night, as well as cleaning them daily. Baby shampoo and water work perfect to clean them since it is oil free. Avoid using oil product around the eyes as this could shorten the lifespan of the extensions.  You paid good money for your extensions, don’t neglect them! Also taking good care of your extensions helps your natural lashes stay strong so you can continue using them.


For the girl that loves makeup, I would not suggest extensions. Makeup makes it hard to clean the lashes, they get in the way of applying eye makeup, and applying eyeliner is twice as hard. For the girl that hardly wears makeup, you will enjoy waking up in the morning, looking in the mirror, and admiring your fluffy dark lashes. Just keep in mind they are HIGH MAINTENANCE.

Have you had lash extensions done before? I’d love to hear your experience!





    1. Omggggg soon I’m gonna post my work since I’ve been doing them a lot more now & am testing out new lash products… you’re gonna die! 😍 . Let me know if you get them and they work for you!
      Wishing you beautiful skin & lashes,


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