Acne? Here’s How to Fix it!

Suffering from cystic acne, I’ve learned some tips and tricks along the way that have changed my skin drastically. I am very oily and acne prone. With these few changes, I want to share with you the starting point to achieving clear skin.

  1. Change your pillowcase often. The bacteria from your face harbors there and grows and then you toss and turn on it all night and it’s just not a good situation for someone suffering from acne.
  2. Treat your acne at night. The products you use to spot treat or clear your acne cause your skin to become more sensitive. Treating your acne at night is great not only because that’s when your skin cells repair themselves the most, but also there is no sun to irritate your already sensitive skin.
  3. Wash your makeup brushes. If you suffer from acne the brushes you use to apply makeup to your skin already have acne-causing bacteria because it has touched your face. If you don’t clean your brushes that same acne-causing bacteria will grow and harbor into everything you dip it into (i.e bronzer, blush, cream contour, etc.) So essentially what will end up happening is more acne-causing bacteria on your face and on your products, causing you more acne.
  4. Regularly sanitize your makeup. As I stated previously it is easy to have acne-causing bacteria build up in your makeup products. Put at least 80% isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle. Give your powder makeup products a couple of sprays and let dry.
  5. Change your laundry detergent. I use All Free and Clear to wash my laundry. If you have sensitive/acne-prone skin this will make all the difference. No harsh chemicals to irritate your skin
  6. Don’t extract unless absolutely necessary. Extracting blemishes the wrong way can lead to scarring, permanently enlarged pores, and spreading of bacteria. When its necessary you should extract the right way. I will post a separate blog on how to properly extract to eliminate scarring, enlarged pores, and bacteria spreading. If possible I would swipe salicylic acid over the comedone once at night time. Start slow and work your way up, overusing salicylic acid can lead to flaky, dry, irritated skin.
  7. Sanitize. It is so important to keep your cell phone sanitized. There are so many germs on our phones. When we press the phone against our cheeks when we talk, all of those germs go directly on your face. The same rules apply to your glasses and your hands. Keep alcohol wipes and sanitizer handy.
  8. Don’t touch your face. I think this might be the hardest advice for people to follow. So many people are unaware of the number of times they touch their face daily. Don’t pick at your acne especially. Unless your hands are freshly washed or sanitized, avoid putting them on your face at all costs. Dirty hands spread bacteria like wildfire.
  9. Take off your makeup. I know we’ve all had those days where by the end of it we are so exhausted and just want to crawl into bed. It is so important to take off your makeup. Letting it sit on your skin all night is just asking for clogged pores and more breakouts. Set some makeup wipes on your nightstand just in case you don’t get to wash your face. I have a separate post on the best makeup remover ever!
  10. Wear your sunscreen. There is a huge misconception when it comes to oily skin and moisturizer. No matter how acne prone and oily you are you need a moisturizer. I recommend wearing a sunscreen moisturizer during the day. It will keep your skin balanced and protect your sensitive skin from the sun. If there is only one tip you take from this, let it be to use sunscreen daily.

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