The Most Important Contributions to Healthy Skin


I used to suffer from painful cystic acne when I was 18. I felt like I was doing everything right by washing my face twice daily. I could not understand why I was still breaking out and why none of my acne was clearing up. Today, I no longer suffer from cystic acne, don’t get me wrong I have the occasional breakout, but my skin has never looked better. I wanted to give you advice that I had to learn through trial and error that has contributed to my skin’s vitality. These 5 tips can contribute to the overall wellness of your skin. These tips are great for all skin types across the board. This is the advice I give to all my friends and clients. These are just a baseline for starters that are simple and should become part of your daily ritual as you embark on this wonderful journey.

  1. Sun Exposure – ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS wear sunscreen. If there is one thing that you take away from this advice let it be to use sunscreen. Even when you are inside! Even electronics emit rays that can damage your skin. I promise you, in 10 years you will thank me.
  2. Eating Habits – What you put inside your body is a representation of what your skin looks like. Make good choices. Also, NO DAIRY. This was one of the greatest things I could do for my skin. I was drinking large iced macchiatos daily, not realizing what the milk was doing to my body and my skin. Milk has components that can cause inflammation and cause more oil production in the skin, a great place for acne to start. Milk also reacts with the testosterone in your body to stimulate a hormone that triggers redness and breakouts.
  3. Hydration – Is your skin feeling dull, dry, or scaly? Ask yourself how much water you are drinking daily. Set yourself up for success, always have water readily available. Make some infused water when you want to spice things up. Briana’s favorite? Lemon water! Also, you burn more calories when you drink cold water. The body has to heat up when you drink cold water, resulting in more calories burned.
  4. Hormones – Your genetic makeup absolutely plays a part in the overall wellness of your skin. The food that you eat, exercise, and your monthly cycle can all contribute to hormone imbalance as well. If you feel like you have tried everything, ask your doctor if the underlying issue to your skin is from unstable hormones.
  5. Environmental Pollutants –  Free radicals contribute to premature skin aging, dehydrated skin, and loss of overall skin vitality. Free radicals either kill the cells or cause them to work poorly, leading to tissue damage. Free radicals are caused by environmental pollutants. The solution? ANTIOXIDANTS. Vitamin C & E are great to help protect the skin from free radicals. Most sunscreens help with protection against free radicals as well. My favorite antioxidant for the skin is Rose hip oil.

Wishing you beautiful skin,



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